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The Cosmoledo Atoll, is located 560 nautical miles SW of the main island of Mahe. It is the ultimate saltwater destination for anglers to the sheer variety of game species from the giant trevally to the Bonefish, milkfish, Indo-Pacific permit, triggerfish, and Bluefin Trevally.

The folks at Alphonse Fishing have recently opened up a land-based eco camp, providing anglers with the perfect balance of luxury and adventure. The distinctive eco camp has a sense of serenity and adventure from its surroundings, whiles conveying a unity with its location.With its commitment to the conservation and preservation and protection of the natural resources, this is where nature meets creative hospitality and understated luxury. We caught up with Keith Rose-Innes, the man behind the operation and the Alphonse Fishing Company to learn more about this new eco lodge.

Flylords: Tell us about the-Lodge, where did the idea originate from?

Keith: I have been dreaming about building an eco lodge on Cosmoledo for the last fourteen years. A lodge that can be put in place with minimal impact, reducing the size of the team, amount of time with machinery all which affect your footprint and how you affect nature. One of the most important reasons for the camp is to have a year-round presence monitoring the environment. During the months from May to November when the Eco Camp closes there will be a team of ICS scientist on location monitoring the area, which will be funded by us. This will deter any poaching from Malagasy and Comorian boats.


The area had civilization on it in the 80’s when they used to collect turtles, bird eggs, fish etc. So we had to do a bit of a clean-up of the area.  The bonus of having the house slabs already there is that we could use them for the heavy installations like the generators. The eco pods and 40ft containers that open up to form a front deck and a back bathroom shower area. They are fully fitted inside with insulation, aircon, full glass front, and comfortable furniture.  The most important element is that we tried to use as many recycled elements as possible. The timber collected from the old building as well as driftwood planks were used to manufacture furniture and cladded walls.  The bracing for the transporting of the furniture was used to build the outside communal toilets.

Flylords: How will this influence the Cosmoledo fishery?

Keith: Positively as there will be year-round monitoring which will deter any poaching from Madagascar or Comoros.


Flylords: Can you tell us about the Cosmoledo Fishery?

Keith: The fishery is vast with more GT’d than any other destination in the Indian ocean, It comprises of 21 islands with dispersed flats and channels making up a maze of amazing spots to fish. We only fish 10 rods a week, which protects the fish stocks.

Flylords: Alphonse always seems to be on the forefront of innovation, especially when it comes to sustainability, do you think other lodges can benefit from a similar model to yours?

Keith: I think we can all benefit from each other. We believe in putting as much back into the fisheries as we take out.  We run numerous research projects both above and below the water.  Since we started Alphonse Fishing Company we have contributed significantly to conservation projects via time, accommodation and resources as well as in funds in excess of USD 1,050,000,00.


To learn more about the Cosmo Eco Lodge or inquire about setting up a trip, shoot us an email for more information. Be sure to check out Alphonse on Instagram @alphonsefishingco and @kiethroseinnes.


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