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As a native to the mountains of Western North Carolina, I’ve spent a great deal of time fishing the creeks, tailwaters, and lakes surrounding my area. One day I am following a blue line on a map to a native brook trout stream, the next day I find myself wading a tailwater chasing larger trout. During the warmest months of the year I spend a lot of time out on the lake chasing various species of bass and bluegill on the fly.

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With the diverse fishing opportunities in my area, I need fly lines that perform well with changing conditions and fishing styles. My line company of choice is Scientific Anglers, a company that needs no introduction. They have been a leader in technology and performance innovation since their inception. When it comes to their products, especially their fly lines, they are top tier. Lately, I have been testing out some of their newer lines and here are three lines that I am really digging right now.

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Amplitude Trout Fly Line

First off, let’s talk about the new Amplitude Trout Floating line. It is designed to shoot farther and last longer than any line on the market today. If you are an avid fisherman and guide like myself. Then, you demand gear that will continue to perform month after month, regardless of abuse. The Amplitude has got you covered. This line is a smooth shooter and has a textured floating tips ection. This is a critical element for any high end floating line, and the Amplitude’s improved dry tip is perfect for presenting a single dry on a small wild stream tucked back in the mountains, or on a river where large multi-fly rigs come into play. The textured line glides through the guides easily, giving you a clean cast that turns over well every time. Allowing you to effectively present to trout that others may be forced to pass on. The high floating tip keeps your dry fly afloat for the entire drift and does not drag your leader underneath the surface like many other “high end” lines do. A delicate touch for technical presentations coupled with power and durability for fishing big water: the Amplitude Trout is the line for serious trout anglers looking to up their game and prepare themselves for whatever lies ahead on their next excursion.

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Frequency Double Taper Fly Line 

Are you looking for a high quality fly line that won’t deplete your bank account? Or you are just getting into fly fishing, a weekend warrior, or simply have what my friends have told me is called “a life” and don’t get to fish multiple times a week? The new Frequency Double Taper Trout is the line for you.

Don’t let the $49.95 price tag fool you, because SA doesn’t skimp on performance. This is a great go-to fly line for all types of trout fishing and one you will find yourself turning to time and time again regardless of your skill level. While the Frequency DT doesn’t boast the reputation of the Ampltitude Trout, it has everything you need to get out on the water and effectively pursue wary trout. The Frequency Double Taper is great for
many techniques, but it excels at what most people would consider the bread and butter of the effective trout angler… the nymph rig. The line offers great control coupled with SA’s Advanced shooting technology. So, grab a Frequency and get to fishing.

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Mastery Titan Long Fly Line 

So let’s talk bass for a minute. Most anglers simply throw a big streamer on their trout rod and have a blast. However, this makes for tough fishing in windy conditions, or when large flies are necessary. The new Mastery Titan Long is specifically designed for targeting bass and other warm water species. It is my new go-to for bass and bluegill. It easily picks up and carries flies that have a lot of drag and hold a lot of water, roll casts well even with extremely heavy flies, and punches through wind regardless of payload. This even applies to flies such as massive foam poppers or deer hair mice!

The power of this line allows you to switch techniques and flies without needing to carry multiple rods and lines. The extended rear taper also provides accuracy and mangability at longer distances than standard lines. Look no farther than the Titan Long for all your warm water fishing. This line will do just about everything but catch the fish for you, that part is still on you.

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Cassie Spurling is avid angler based in the mountains of North Carolina. She spends anytime she has with her fly rod in hand chasing whatever will eat her fly. Give her a follow at @cassiespurling.

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