What I like most about Patagonia is not just the views of the beautiful nature and scenery, but the feeling that there are still places to discover with minimal human impact. Places that feel like a human has never been too.

This is a place (photo above) not far from home in Laguna Verde, Lanin National Park. I feel privileged to live in such a beautiful place.
This shot is from Nahuel Huapi Lake. My grandmother used to live right next to that beach, the fisherman is my youngest brother Ezequiel, who ask borrows the pontoon to my older brother Gonzalo at every chance he gets. Gonzalo is a professional fly fishing guide down here.
This shot was taken at the Limay River, a very good and well know spot to fish in Patagonia. The angler is my brother Tomas. This was truly a special fish.

Photos and words from Nicolas Detry (@nicolas.detry), a professional photographer in Patagonia. Look him up online at www.nicolasdetry.com.

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