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Winter Fly Fishing the Italian Alps – Lake Tovel

When the weather conditions seem to advise you to stay at home there is always something in my head that tells me to go...

Photographing Bears in Alaska with Robert Hawthorne

Flylords caught up with Robert Hawthorne, a photographer specializing in wildlife, landscape, and action sports. He was up in Alaska this summer and took...

Photographer Spotlight: David Anderson

In the latest Photographer Spotlight, Flylords caught up with David Anderson. He is a recently retired rock & roll and celebrity photographer who now...

Photographer Spotlight: Hillary Maybery

We had the opportunity to speak with pro photographer, Hillary Maybery. Her work revolves around a diverse subject group; fly fishing, skiing, and many...

Split Perspectives

Shaped from the land above and waters below, rivers are the result of two drastically different environments linking together to create an intricate and...

Photographer Spotlight: Brian Grossenbacher

This month's Photographer Spotlight is more than just a brilliant picture-taker... He is also the co-host of History Channel's new series, Face the Beast. We...

Photographer Spotlight: Jessica Haydahl Richardson

We had the opportunity to speak with the "Photo Geek herself," Jessica Haydahl Richardson. She had the pleasure of joining a group of fishy women...

Photographer Spotlight: Sue Moodie

We had the pleasure of chatting with our good friend, Sue Moodie. She is a professional photographer from Alberta, Canada that has been fishing and taking...

Photographer Spotlight: Chandler Rogers

We sat down with mid-western photographer, Chandler Rogers. A vagabond from Utah that has some insane handles with a camera and fly rod. For...

On the Edge Of Humanity with Fish Eye Guy (Patrick Clayton)

Flylords caught up with Patrick Clayton or @fisheyeguyphotography as many of you probably know him by to discuss his recent trip up to the...

Lid Rig