New BC Wild Salmon Plan Gets Panned By Conservationists

British Columbia will be introducing a new Wild Salmon strategy aimed to bolster current wild salmon stocks. However, according to the Skeena Wild Conservation Trust, the recommendations do not do enough to properly aid wild salmon and instead focus on benefiting the fishing industry (read: commercial and sport fishing) and not the wild salmon themselves.

The Wild Salmon Advisory Council authored the recommendations with 3 main goals in mind:

  • Increase wild salmon abundance;
  • Protect and enhance economic, social and cultural benefits from wild salmon and other fisheries; and
  • Engage citizens and governments in stewardship and management of B.C.’s wild salmon.

Conservationists worry that the recommendations that feature language about “enhancements” (Read: Stocking Salmon), will put BC in a situation similar to Alaska where some fisheries are becoming dangerously dependent on hatchery support.

To read more about the issue, read the full article on, here.

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