This weekend a new viral challenge swept across social media. #TrashTag is trending worldwide, although the hashtag has been floating around for a few years the trend took off after one user posted before and after images of a wooded area that had hundreds of pieces of trash removed from it. The user invited others to “find a place that needs cleaning or maintenance” and “take a photo when you have done something about it.” The post was shared across Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook and the feedback was insane with users posting images of themselves picking up trash on their outings and sharing their own before-and-after pictures.


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We share this earth. 🌲🍄💀 #trashtag

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Now this concept has been around in the fly fishing world for years with river cleanups or Pig Farm’s Get Trashed events. But we think it’s incredible to see others taking responsibility and volunteering time to impact areas and keep them free of litter, so next time you’re on the water, bring along a trash bag or fill your landing net up with litter you find along the way and do your part to keep the places you love pristine and free of litter.

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