LA River Sewer Salmon: Vice Goes Fly Fishing For Carp

There’s an old joke about how to cook carp that my grandmother always loved to tell. She’d say “Do you know the easiest recipe for carp? First, clean and remove the scales. Then find a pine board and place the carp on it. Then, put them in the oven at 350 for an hour. Finally, remove from the oven, throw out the carp, and enjoy the pine board because it will taste better.”

All jokes aside, carp have long been considered a good eating fish in other parts of the world, although those probably come from cleaner waters than the LA River. Either way, this video will put a smile on your face as Lino Jubilado shares his decades of fishing the river, and the “Sewer Salmon” that call it home.

From Vice Munchies

“Lino Jubilado has been fly fishing in the Los Angeles River for over 40 years. Though most LA residents view the river as a polluted eyesore, to Lino, it’s a slice of nature’s paradise hidden within a big, bustling city. Amongst the trash and the concrete, Lino fly fishes for carp, bass, and bluegill. But it’s the joy of catching carp that keeps Lino coming back to the river several times a week. Lino doesn’t usually eat the carp he catches from the LA River, but today is unusual.”

Check out all of Lino’s fly fishing adventures on his Instagram page!

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