Nearly 20,000 Atlantic Salmon Escape B.C. Fish Farm Pen

Vancouver Island, British Columbia – Most of the 21,000 Atlantic salmon that were in a Vancouver Island fish farm pen damaged by fire have escaped, the company who operates the farm confirmed Sunday.

This seems to be a common theme lately with Open Net Fish Farm Pens, the risk is just too high of these non-native fish escaping into the wild to have a large ecosystem imbalance on the native species. With an already struggling salmon and steelhead population in British Columbia, this news does not come lightly. Check out the full article from Sean Boynton of MSN here.

One easy way to not support open-net pens is to know where your salmon is coming from, check out the story below to get a better idea.

What Salmon Should We Be Eating?

For more information on Open Net Pen Fish Farms, check out the recent movie below which outlines a similar event in the Puget Sound.

Full Film: Artifishal | The Fight to Save Wild Salmon | Interview with Director Josh “Bones” Murphy

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