What Salmon Should We Be Eating?

The Wild Salmon Center has the answer!

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As more information regarding the environmental impacts of consuming farmed salmon comes to light, those of us who enjoy eating salmon are left with mainly one question:

Which type of salmon should I be putting on my plate? 

Courtesy of the Wild Salmon Center

According to the Wild Salmon Center, it’s Wild-caught Alaskan Salmon.

Wild-caught salmon can come from both hatcheries and natural, wild reproduction. The main reason these fish are the best for you to consume is their life in the wild. These fish have come to maturity in the wild and maintained a natural, marine diet, not pellets that rain from the sky. There are still healthy, wild stocks of pacific salmon, especially in Alaska, due to their sustainable yield management practices, which ensure the long term health of the fishery, by only harvesting the amount of fish that will not impact the long term health of the fishery.

Rich Meyers, Head Chef for both professional soccer teams in Portland, Oregon, has his answer: Wild-caught, Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon. Rich was a pioneer of farm-to-table cooking in Portland 20 years ago. Currently, he and his team are using their choice both as means of feeding their players the highest quality of salmon, and as a means to protest the ongoing fight against the Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska.

“When I have a product like Bristol Bay sockeye, why would I ever buy Atlantic farmed salmon?” said Meyer. “I’ve explained to everyone here what I know about it: that it comes from a pristine part of Alaska, that it’s a well-managed fishery. I’m proud to serve it, and everyone loves it.”

For more information on which salmon you should be eating, and amazing recipes for preparing them, check out this article from The Wild Salmon Center!

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