20 Celebs that Fly Fish

The famous and wealthy of the world are more than what meets the eye behind the camera lens. They do in fact have interests, passions, and hidden talents beyond what the media presents. I know, shocking… After scrolling through this list, you will discover they are actually normal individuals (most of the time) and need hobbies to keep them sane from their crazy work schedules. These are the celebs that find peace and satisfaction with a fly rod.

  1. Harrison Ford
Photo from https://www.saltstrong.com

First up is a man of several talents. An actor, producer, writer, director, and now fly fisherman. The retired Han Solo and Indiana Jones need a break from playing such physically demanding roles. Now, I personally like to picture Harrison somewhere out in the mid-west fishing his retirement away and watching reruns of his films.


  1. Barack Obama 
Photo from http://www.montanaoutdoor.com

A salute to the 44th president of the United States… Barak Obama will definitely go down as one of the fishiest presidents of the U.S. Fly fishing is definitely an appropriate treatment to rid of stresses a president endures.


  1. David Beckham
Photo from http://www.ladbible.com

After a very successful career on the pitch and being a soccer icon, David Beckham has new goals in mind. Try targeting some char with the kids? I’m sure his finesse from the soccer field improved his casting ability significantly.

  1. Jimmy Buffet
Photo from https://noseeumlodge.com

Jimmy Buffet, known for his cool musical hits is now a businessman in the medical marijuana industry. Still raking in the dough and taking his island escapism lifestyle on his fish adventures. I heard Margaritaville has some of the best fishing in world!

  1. Liam Neeson
Photo from https://noseeumlodge.com

This is the guy who always plays the “badass” characters in films. The Ireland native, Liam Neeson is known for his suspenseful films “Taken.” Surprisingly, he spends a lot of his spare time on the stream throughout the year, just don’t take his fishing spots…

  1. Eric Clapton
Photo from https://brobible.com

Back in the day you would find this singer and songwriter spreading the Rock and Roll craze. Now, the three-time inductee of the Rock and Roll hall of Fame is fly fishing the rivers of Iceland for record breaking salmon.

  1. Martha Stewart
Photo from http://www.themarthablog.com

Not every day you see the “mother” of retail walking the streams of Montana. Apart from being one of the most established businesswomen around, she continues her accomplishments by checking western cuttys off her list.

  1. Huey Lewis
Photo from https://noseeumlodge.com

The professional singer-songwriter, Huey Lewis enjoys long walks on the beach targeting bonefish. He was actually featured on the Outdoor Channel… There you will see his true passion for the outdoors and fly fishing.

  1. Emma Watson

Even though their is no picture evidence, this iconic actress swapped out her wand for a fly rod. Known for her role in the Harry Potter series, Emma Watson has a life-long passion for fly fishing. She is even a frequent fly tier and huge supporter of conservation. Who woulda knew?

  1. Henry Winkler
Photo from https://www.forbes.com

The recent Emmy award winner, Henry Winkler finally has a chance to relax and recharge after a successful role in HBO series “Barry.” After a rather recent expedition out west, he is planning on returning to target more trout on the fly.

  1. Zac Efron
Photo taken by Alexander Alexandrov and from http://alexanderalexandrov.com

Everyone knows Zac Efron… He started his fame in High School Musical and then dropping his Disney image to more mature roles. Apart from his crazy career, he shares the passion for fly fishing with his younger brother Dylan. They have been seen in Pulaski, New York targeting steelhead and salmon.

  1. Michael Keaton
Photo from https://www.theonlinefisherman.com

You could say the Bird Man is an experienced fisherman. Known for his acting and directing, Michael Keaton spends a lot of time outside the set… He devotes his time and finances to the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust.

  1. Tom Brokaw
Photo from https://espnmediazone.com

For 22 years Tom Brokaw anchored NBC’s Nightly News. Ever wonder what he did in the earlier hours? For 30 years he has practiced the art of fly fishing and even traveled the world in pursuit of diverse fish species.

  1. Donald Trump JR
Photo from http://www.flyfisherman.com

He is the eldest son of the POTUS. Trump Jr. is just the average business man that spends most of his spare time in the outdoors. Mostly known for his hunting, Trump is still faithful to the fly rod.

  1. Kevin Costner
Photo from https://comicbook.com

The man that “Dances with Wolves” has always been an avid fisherman. With a successful career, he now takes it to the mountains for his life passion, fly fishing. However, he is still not afraid to go back to his roots of conventional tackle.

  1. Jack Nicklaus
Photo from http://www.sun-sentinel.com

The Golden Bear is spending his sweet retirement like every pro golfer should. You would think golfing, but he also picked up on the fly fishing action. Bonefish! Bonefish! Bonefish!

  1. Jimmy Kimmel
Photo from https://robbreport.com

Our favorite talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel uses fly fishing to cure his stress from work and get away from our technological society. Montana, Idaho, and anywhere with trout streams is his new destinations of choice.

  1. Lindsey Vonn
Photo from http://www.andersonsfishcamp.com

The next athlete on the fly fishing list is Lindsey Caroline Vonn. She is an American World Cup alpine ski racer on the US Ski Team and has several world cup titles to show for. With some problematic injuries, she traded in her ski poles and ski uniform for a rod and waders. She keeps her competitive edge by competing in fly fishing competitions too.

  1. Oprah Winfrey
Photo from https://www.fieldandstream.com

Some would call her an American icon, but everyone can now call her a fly fisherwoman. With an opportunity to fish stretches of river in Yosemite she wanted to show her viewers the fine treasures of the world.

  1. Luke Bryan
Photo by: Kip Vieth @wildwoodfloattrips

Just like all country singers, Luke Bryan enjoys his days on the river. What differentiates him from other country artists is his talent of fly fishing for smallmouth bass!

This article was written by Flylords team member, Collin Terchanik.

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