How to Tie: The Yellow Sally Stimulator

In this week’s how to tie video feature, Tim Flagler from Tightline video is here to show us how to tie the yellow sally stimulator

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Intermediate

The Yellow Sally Stimulator is a stimulator fly that is tied to loosely imitate a golden stonefly. Stimulator flies, or attractors, are extremely popular amongst anglers when fishing large hatches in the spring and summertime, as their flamboyant shape and coloring makes them hard to miss on the water.

Oftentimes, stimulator flies will be used in an attempt to draw fish to the surface when little or no rises can be found. Their large build makes them an attractive meal for a curious trout, and will oftentimes trigger a dry fly eat. The yellow sally stimulator is the adult representation of the yellow sally stonefly nymph, a fly that has really made a name for itself in the western part of the US due to the nymph’s abundant presence in rivers and streams.

This fly is an excellent tie for anyone looking for a gentle transition from beginner flies, to more complicated flies. While there isn’t anything particularly challenging about tying this fly, it does have a few parts that novice tyers may get hung up on. However, once you’ve tied a few, you’ll really fall in the swing of things. These flies are an absolute essential to any anglers fly box, as they’re one of the best flies to entice a timid trout to rise.


  • Hook: 3X-long natural-bend hook Dai-Riki #270, size 14.
  • Thread: Olive 6/0 denier
  • Egg sack: Orange rabbit-fur dubbing.
  • Abdomen: Bright yellow rabbit-fur dubbing.
  • Rib: Gold wire (small)
  • Rear hackle: Yellow hackle.
  • Wing: Bleached elk hair
  • Front hackle: Cree or grizzly hackle.
  • Thorax: Bright yellow rabbit-fur dubbing

Now you know how to tie the Yellow Sally Stimulator!

video courtesy of Tightline video 

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