How to Tie: The Redfish Minnow

In this week’s How to Tie video feature, Fly Frenzie shows us how to tie the RedFish Minnow.

Learn About This Fly

Difficulty: Novice

When it comes to baitfish imitations perfect for attracting hungry predators out of thick, weedy channels, the redfish minnow is one of the most effective flies on the market. This fly is the mixture of a minnow and a shrimp pattern appealing to snook and redfish alike. It is a great go-to redfish fly that has also caught the attention of tarpon and permit.\

Since it’s creation, this fly has taken on a plethora of shapes, sizes, and designs. This particular tie is one of the more complexed patterns, utilizing dumbell eyes (for weight), and rubber legs (for flash and movement). Once this fly hits the water, the hunt is instantly on. By employing a jigging method upon your retrieve, you’re sure to drive any nearby fish nuts in pursuit of a protein-packed meal.

When tying this fly, remember that it’s an attractor pattern as opposed to a replica. Instead of focusing on “matching the hatch”, this fly’s appeal is all in its crustacean-like build and flashy presentation. Like with most other salt-water flies, this fly can be tied in a plethora of different colors which will fish differently in different waters.


  • -Mustad Big Game Size 2
  • -Danville’s 210 Flat Waxed
  • -Medium Cactus Chenille: -Arctic Fox
  • -Crazy Legs
  • -Medium Palmer Chenille
  •  -Saddle Hackle
  • -EP Tarantula Brush
  • -Medium Bead Chain Eyes
  • -Loon Hard Head Cement

Now you know how to tie the Redfish Minnow!

Video and Ingredients courtesy of Fly Frenzie


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