How to Tie: The Brush Mullet

In this week’s How to Tie video feature, CW Flies is here to show us how to tie the brush mullet.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Intermediate

The brush mullet fly is a simple finger mullet pattern great for any fly fisher’s arsenal. This fly capitalizes on its lush dubbing body to provide flash and movement, as well as its grizzly hackle fins in order to really seal the deal. Found worldwide in coastal temperate and tropical waters, and sometimes in freshwater, these fish make the perfect pattern for fishing for large fish off the coast.

This pattern is great on snook but will also work well on redfish, trout, tarpon or anything willing to eat a baitfish. Because of its simple design, this fly, once wet, perfectly imitates the grey mullet or any other kind of silver baitfish. When nothing else is working, this fly is perfect for tossing off the side of the boat in pursuit of hungry predatory fish.

When tying this fly, note that its design relies on a dubbing brush. If you don’t have the tools to make your own dubbing brushes (which many people do not), they can be easily purchased on most online, or in-store fly shops. Also, if you’re looking to increase this fly’s durability, as well as add the perfect taper to its head, feel free to apply a small amount of UV resin to its head. By adding a small dab between its eyes, you can greatly prolong this fly’s life.


  • Thread – UTC 140
  • Hook – Gamakatsu SL12S Short
  • Body – Crystal Flesh, EP Chromatic brush 3″, Grizzly Hackle
  • Head – EP Minnow Head Brush 1.5″
  • Eyes – 8mm 3D eyes
  • Glue – Loctite Gel
  • Optional – UV resin

Now you know how to tie the Brush Mullet!

Video and Ingredients courtesy of CW Flies


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