How to Tie: The Pig Sticker

In this week’s How to Tie video feature, Luke Swanson from Livin’ the Dream Guide Service is here to show us how to tie the Pig Sticker big game fly.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Advanced 

In this week’s video, send our boots through the door of the meat locker in the prospect of something that’ll drive big predatory fish mad. To satisfy the hunger, we are proud to present the Pig Sticker. Dripping in meaty goodness, this triple articulated fly is sure to attract the attention of any pike, musky, bass, or monster trout that it zooms by.

When targeting monsters of the deep, its always best to pay homage to the cliche, “Go big or go home”. In this case, we’re not going big, we’re going yuge. Due to its multi-sectional body, and a long and incumbent build, this fly moves with the grace of a living organism, but the swagger of a delicious meal fit for a king.

If you’re looking to save money by tying your own flies, maybe stick to glazing perdigons in your basement. However, if you’re looking to take on the challenge of putting together a massive specimen of a fly, the Pig Sticker is an excellent challenge. Make sure to tie up a few of these bad boys in an array of colors, because once you finally hook on to that trophy pike, you’ll most likely be needing some replacement stickers.



Video and Ingredients courtesy of Livin’ the Dream Guide Service

Now you know how to tie the Pig Sticker!

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