Bonefish & Tarpon Trust to Honor Tom Brokaw with Lefty Kreh Award for Lifetime Achievement in Conservation

Featured Image: Marcos Furer / Dorsey Pictures

From Bonefish & Tarpon Trust (BTT):

Miami, FL – Bonefish & Tarpon Trust (BTT) will honor Emmy award-winning television journalist Tom Brokaw with the Lefty Kreh Award for Lifetime Achievement in Conservation at BTT’s 9th Annual NYC Dinner & Awards Ceremony held on April 21, 2020, at The University Club. The Lefty Kreh Award is presented annually to an individual who has demonstrated an enduring commitment to the conservation of bonefish, tarpon and permit—the species, their habitats, and the larger fisheries they comprise.

Blending his passion for angling and conservation, Brokaw narrated the acclaimed fly-fishing series Buccaneers & Bones and co-starred alongside Lefty Kreh, Michael Keaton, Liam Neeson, Huey Lewis, Jimmy Kimmel, Thomas McGuane, Yvon Chouinard, Jim Belushi, and many of the world’s top flats fishing anglers. Buccaneers & Bones celebrates the majesty of flats fishing while showcasing BTT’s efforts to conserve the flats fisheries through science-based approaches. BTT will also present the cast of Buccaneers & Bones with the Curt Gowdy Memorial Media Award, presented to individuals who advance the cause of conservation through media and outreach to others.

Tom Brokaw Fly Fishing
Photo: Marcos Furer / Dorsey Pictures

Brokaw served as the anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News for 22 years, during which time he reported on the most historic events of the day. He retired in 2004 and now serves as a special correspondent for NBC News. Among the books, he has authored is The Greatest Generation, a best-seller.

“We are honored to present Tom Brokaw with the Lefty Kreh Award for Lifetime Achievement in Conservation,” said BTT President and CEO Jim McDuffie. “Throughout the course of his celebrated career, Tom has been a tireless advocate for conservation. His role on Buccaneers & Bones was no exception as he helped to raise awareness of the threats facing the flats fishery as well as BTT’s science-based approaches to address them. We thank Tom for all he has done to help advance our conservation mission.”

About Bonefish & Tarpon Trust: Bonefish & Tarpon Trust’s mission is to conserve bonefish, tarpon and permit—the species, their habitats and the larger fisheries they comprise. As a science-based organization, BTT pursues this mission across the southeastern US, Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean through research, conservation, education, and advocacy.

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