How to Tie: The Pheasant Rump Muddler

In this week’s How to Tie video feature, Gunnar Brammer is here to show us how to tie the Pheasant Rump Muddler.

Learn About This Fly

Difficulty: Intermediate

This fly is a muddler variation of the well known Pheasant rump deceiver style fly. What sets this fly apart from the deceiver is simply the implementation of the muddler head.  Tied to imitate small baitfish such as sculpin or minnow, this fly is simple yet extremely effective in enticing hungry trout feeding on schools of juvenile fish.

When it comes to targeting big fish, this fly would most likely be left on the tying table by uneducated anglers. However, even though it doesn’t utilize clattering beads, or swinging articulated tails, this flies effectiveness lies in its low profile. With the many strands of pheasant feather swinging behind it, this fly comes to life when tossed into the streams current, and effectively emulates a large portion of a big fish’s diet.

As the name indicates, this fly is constructed of feathers found on a pheasant rump, which is a small section of the bird that holds a range of different sized hackle feathers. These can be found in almost any fly shop, if unavailable, rooster hackle can also act as a decent substitute. For new fly tiers, deer hair can oftentimes seem like a daunting task, however, if you’re careful and take your time, great results are never far off.


  • Tail: Pheasant Rump
  • Body: Palmered Pheasant Rump (Long to Short)
  • Wing: Stacked Pheasant Marabou
  • Pec Fins: Pheasant Shoulder
  • Head: Spun Deer Hair
  • Thread: 0.006″ Mono
  • Hook: Ahrex sz. 4 Saltwater Streamer
  • Head: Any epoxy or UV resin available


Now you know how to tie the Pheasant Rump Muddler!

Video and ingredients courtesy of Gunnar Brammer 

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