How to Tie: Green Caddis Larva

Being a quintessential segment of the diet of a trout, as well as a staple to the nymphing style of fly fishing, caddis larva is one of the most important flys to have in your box. In this week’s fly tying how-to, Tim Flager from Tightline Video shows us how to tie the green caddis larva.

Learn About This Fly

The caddis larvae fly is constructed to emulate the pre-mature nymph state of a caddis fly before it makes its way to the surface to molt. These nymphs are found in healthy streams (often acting as an indicator of water quality) and spend most of their time feasting on debris such as rotting wood and dead leaves.

Because of their abundance and lack of maneuverability, this fly makes a perfect snack for stationary trout. Often times, currents sweep these little nymphs from their stationary positions and send them swirling into feeding lanes, making them a predictable source of protein, and a consistent eat.

This fly is incredibly easy to tie, and will make a great addition to your arsenal. Best set up as a dropper below a weighted nymph, the green caddis larva is a simple, but deadly fly when trying to entice that unmovable fish.


  • Barbless Tactical Czech Nymph Hook (Size 14-16)
  • UTC Yellow Olive (70 Denier)
  • Light Olive Australia-Possum Dubbing
  • Dark Brown Australian-possum Dubbing


Video courtesy of Tight Line Video

This article was written by Flylords team member Wills Donaldson

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