Atlantic Salmon Fishing and Family

Every summer my father takes my 2 boys (Brody, 8 and Jesse, 13) to Northern Labrador fishing for Char for a couple of weeks, usually in the Nain area. On the way back through Southern Labrador they spend a week with me and my good fishing buddy Joel Stenabaugh, the photographer this day, fishing for Atlantics on the local rivers.
Both my boys love the dry fly action that most Labrador rivers offer. This particular day they were fishing the Pinware and using green bombers that my oldest had tied.
Joel and I put our rods back in the tubes when the boys are with us and just watch the excitement and joy they get from rising and hooking these amazing fish. You haven’t really seen a more genuine smile than the one on the face of a kid with a fish on, especially a 12-15lb leaping Atlantic taking dry fly presentations. Nor have you seen a more pitiful face than the one my 8-year-old Brody had when he lost his biggest fish to date right at his feet, but the heartbreak is mended again with the next cast!
Don’t let a kids age determine their experiences, they will amaze you and bring a lot more joy to your days on the river.
Photos courtesy of Joel Stenabaugh. Check him out on Instagram @stenabaugh
Tyrone Buckle is a passionate Atlantic Salmon angler from Canada. Check him out on Instagram @tyronebuckle


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