How This Kick Ass Mom is Teaching Her Son About Fishing…

It’s what we do. We play, we get dirty, we live to breathe mountain air, and we fish until we have no sunlight left.

My boy is 7 and already has a deep love for the outdoors.  We spent this weekend in the beautiful mountains of Utah. We fished one of our favorite lakes, Trial Lake in the Uintas.  We went “hunting” for deer, birds, and squirrels with his bow and guns.  We got dirty and wet in the lake chasing fish. There was no Wi-Fi and no screens, it was unreal.

Fly fishing, well to be honest, all fishing, is something we both can’t seem to get enough of. At 2 I had him fishing with a spinner rod.  By the time he was 5, we started fly fishing together.

As you can see, this weekend he chose to use the spinner rod and worms. I chose the fly rod.  My absolute favorite fly is a big foam ant.  In the Uintas, the trout love to come up and surface for these big bugs.  What is crazy is the fish weren’t even rising.  However, for that ant, they came up and would break the surface.  Of course, causing me to scream with every set of the hook and for my boy and all of his cousins to come running.

We caught tiger trout, graylings, and rainbows this trip and loved every second of it. The best part wasn’t even the fishing. Yes I know I’m saying this on a fishing blog, but lets have a moment of honesty, some of the greatest parts of getting out there are spending it in nature with the ones you love.

People always hashtag #teachthemyoung right? Well for me, this is my motto as his mother, and not by what I say, but what I do. I want to teach him to chase everything that he has a love and passion for. To chase what gets his heart racing and he can’t wipe a smile off his face from.  So far, fishing and exploring are two things that we both can experience together and can’t get enough of. Like I said, it’s what we do.

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Jordan is a fitness coach, fly fisherwoman, and awesome mom! Check her out on Instagram @relentlessmomma


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