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Those of us with kids are all struggling to keep them occupied while we are under a Shelter In Place order. Few, if any activities are better for both father and sons than fishing.

With the coronavirus shutting down almost every golf course I thought it was a good idea to take my little man @kasixsherman to my old golf course stomping grounds. Although unlike when I was a kid we didn’t have to sneak on.(Disclaimer, most golf courses don’t allow fishing even when closed). 

Golf courses offer some great fishing opportunities because 1) they usually don’t see much pressure 2) The fish are used to seeing golfers, so they tend to not be scared of anglers 3) the water is often clear and sight fishing can be the norm with the right light.  

Keeping a young angler captivated is often the biggest challenge for us as parents, so after a full meal (a hungry kid doesn’t stay focused) we were off.   

We kept the fishing sessions limited to a few hours and threw in driving the golf cart and we had the makings of a fun session destined to stoke his angling 🔥.

Article by John Sherman, a West Coast Sales Rep for Simms Fishing Products, Solitude Flies, Waterworks Lamson & Hatch Outdoors. Outdoor Photographer. Husband and Father! Be sure to check him out on Instagram here.

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