From Sea to Table: Thai Chili Wahoo Recipe

From Sea to Table – follow along as Connor Flamm takes us through his Wahoo fishing adventure and shares his secret Wahoo Recipe after a successful fishing trip. Presented by Columbia PFG

50-446Living in the keys comes with its perks… Not only can you target some of the best game fish on the planet like Permit, Bonefish, and Tarpon, but you are only a few miles offshore from some insane deep sea fishing. 21-58 For Connor Flamm – it’s been a tradition in his family for years to head off the coast of the Bahamas to chase Wahoo – and when the fishing is good – it means the family is eating well.7

After a killer day of camping and fishing with the significant others, Conner met up with his family and fellow angler Austin Glassman on an adventure to find some Wahoo: “We set out on this Wahoo trip to a new remote area in the deep southern Bahamas – an area we haven’t fished before. After studying some bathymetric charts for a few months we found some pinnacles on the ocean floor that we could not help but think the wahoo would be stacked on.”


“With the idea of this area, we knew we couldn’t make it there and back on the fuel the boat had so we filled up an extra 170gal fuel bladder to give us the extra range.”


“Zigzagging on the 400ft ledge trolling Shimano Tiagra 50 wides spooled with full wireline and 48oz trolling leads just in front of the lures gives us the ability to drag those lures pretty far under the surface. We do not high speed troll for these fish like a lot of people do. We sit at about 8 knots And sure enough, the bite was absolutely ridiculous.. constant bites from 45-70lb fish all day long.”


After a successful trip we asked Connor to share his secret Wahoo recipe with us – his Thai Chili Wahoo Over Rice. Now this recipe is applicable to most fish – but fresh Wahoo is definitely pretty high on the top of that list.



  • One Diced Yellow Bell Pepper
  • Diced Scallions
  • Minced Garlic
  • Diced Yellow Onion


  • Cube Your Wahoo (Or Almost Any Other Fish)
  • Olive Oil and Salt/Pepper your Wahoo
  • Olive Oil Your Pan on Medium High
  • Add Peppers, Onion and Garlic Saute
  • Add Fish and Cook Through (about 3-4min)


  • Add Mae Ploy Sweet Chili Sauce (Secret Ingredient)
  • Cook Until Sauce is Golden and Thick
  • Serve Over Bed of White Rice
  • Top With Scallions




Shoutout to Connor Flamm for the awesome recipe and photos, and to Columbia PFG for helping make this trip possible!

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