5 Tips to Get Your Significant Other On The Water!

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[Presented by Columbia PFG] Over the last decade, fly fishing has grown to be recognized as one of the most inclusive and non-gender discriminatory forms of outdoor sport. The angling community prides itself on seeing past what doesn’t matter and focusing on what does; getting on the water and enjoying nature. Because of this inclusivity, this is a sport that can be equally enjoyed by all, especially couples.

However, for the Ladies & Gentlemen out there who’s significant others may be reluctant to spend a day on the water, here are 5 tips to get your Girlfriend/ Boyfriend to go fly fishing with you.

1. Pack an Awesome Lunch


If there’s anything that incentives people to do just about anything, it’s good food. no matter what their taste, a well-planned picnic is always a good time had by all. Pack the cooler with some fun items like old bay shrimp, veggies, and of course a few beverages (of any variety), and you’re in for a great time. Throw in some music and cocktails and you’ve got a romantic date on the beach (With some fishing in there too).

2. Make it a Camping Trip

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Okay, they love the great outdoors, but they haven’t quite caught the fishing bug yet. Well, it’s a good thing that fishing and camping go better together than fishing documentaries and fly tying. Not to mention, it provides a great opportunity to fish some of the more remote areas YOU wouldn’t have access to, but gives THEM something to do other than sit through a 5-hour car ride to the soundtrack of your favorite grateful dead live performance. Pack the tent and load the truck, because this couples camping trip just turned into destination date on the beach.

3. Bring the Dog!

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To the .000001% of our readers that don’t enjoy the company of furry four-legged friends on the water — feel free to move along. For the rest of the sane people reading this, what’s the easiest way to make your day 100x better? Just add in a dog! Whether it’s yours, your significant others, or it’s as much a dog date than a human date, bringing along the pupper is a sure-fire way to turn the hesitant angler into the ultimate fly fishing fanatic. However, maybe bring a leash the first time around. After all, think of how excited YOU are when you get on the water…

4. Break Out the Camera


Fly fishing is undoubtedly one of the most photogenic outdoor activities one can find. Some people dedicate their livelihood to capturing the pure beauty that rests within each seem of a day on the water. So, break out the nice camera and hand it off to your boyfriend or girlfriend and let ’em go nuts. Between the galaxy’s sprawled across the scales of a trout and the endless abundance of natural beauty ready to be captured, photography is a great way to introduce someone to the beauty of Fly Fishing. They’re not the photography type? No worries. Bring the lense yourself and capture some shots of them giving the sport a go. Perhaps after they see those pics they’ll realize how good they look in waders.

5. Get Them Some New Gear to Try Out

good gear

If all else fails, the easiest way to get someone interested in picking up a fly rod is to incentivize with some shiny new Columbia PFG gear. Although this may seem like a cheap move, it’s still an opportunity to show them how much fun fishing can be. After all consideration, they’ll be looking and feeling their best in front of the only eyes that matter. Not to mention, you’ll be out in nature doing what you love with someone you love– it’s a win-win!

6. Bonus: Make it a Day to Never Forget

hey whatsup pat if you see this in the photo gallery feel free to check out 5 tips on how to get your girlfriend/boyfriend to go fly fishing article and go to the bottom. Also, congrats on the engagement man!
Image courtesy of Pat Perry

Looking back, some of the reasons why we love fly fishing so much isn’t just because we enjoy sitting waist-deep in freezing cold water or in the blistering hot sun. No, it’s because of the memories we’ve made with people we care about. It’s enjoying the excitement, laughs, and occasional tears that are best enjoyed when shared. Make something special out of your day. Whether it’s a surprise visit to their favorite restaurant, or a surprise marriage proposal (congrats to our very own Patrick Perry on his recent engagement!), by showing them how much they mean to you, you’re sure to secure at least one more date on the water.

We hoped some of these tips aided in your effort! Unfortunately, there will always be people who don’t quite take on the sport, and that’s okay! After all, if the sport was for everybody, think of how packed the rivers would be. YUCK. Just remember there are some things they don’t like, just as there are things you don’t. This doesn’t mean you have to split things off and move to a new country, it just means you probably won’t have that “On the river” wedding of your dreams. Now, get out there and enjoy an amazing trip!

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Thank you to Connor Flamm and Austin Aronsson, as well as Columbia for making this article possible.

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