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As of February 2021, fracking has been banned in the Delaware River Basin. The Delaware River Basin Commission – the body in charge of protecting the water quality of the watershed – voted 4 to 1 to ban fracking extraction in their region.  The incredible multi-state agreement made by the Commission and the governors of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and New York, took a firm stance saying fracking “poses significant, immediate and long-term risks to the development, conservation, utilization, management, and preservation of the water resources of the Delaware River Basin.”

The Delaware River system is beloved by East Coast anglers of all kinds and is the longest free-flowing river drainage east of the Mississippi. The “Del” hosts incredible wild trout and warm water species along its freshwater path and is also one of the major spawning rivers of shad and striped bass.

Learn more about the ban and the Delaware River Basin Commission, in a blog on the subject from the Natural Resources Defense Council, here!

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