American Shad Return to Delaware Tributary After 300 Year Absence

Adult American Shad USFWS
American Shad. Photo: USFWS

In another beautiful testament to native fish species’ ability to rewild former territory, American Shad are returning to Brandywine Creek after being locked out of the creek by dams that date back to early American colonization 300 years ago.

According to Tom Keer in his article in Field & Stream, “11 of the 14 dams that spread from the creek’s headwaters in Pennsylvania down to the mouth have been removed,” with plans for more removals this year and next.

School Young Shad USFWS
School Young Shad. Photo: USFWS

If you’ve ever had the chance to chase the legendary shad runs of the mid-Atlantic, you know these fish are an absolute blast to hook on 5WTs and streamers and are well deserving of their nickname, “the poor man’s tarpon.”

Check out the full article on the dam removals and East Coast rewilding by Tom Keer on Field and Stream.

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