Fly Fishing Destination Video of the Week: Liquid Gold

In this week’s Fly Fishing Destination video feature, California Trout brings us to the summit of the High Sierras to target beautiful, pure, golden-trout.

Join the boys of California Trout as they embark on a two-week adventure into the High Sierra on a quest for coveted golden trout. Surviving off of saw-dust rations, camp coffee, and the spirit of adventure, these ambitious anglers travel through lighting, rain, and hail all to target a small sect of perfected evolution. Paper maps and ritz cracker-tacos yield an aesthetic that is true to the way adventuring was meant to be done, and the true nature of human perseverance in search of something bigger than themselves is revealed. Above the crest of the great western divide, an ancient place breathes as blown boots and fractured canes venture across the land the average man or woman wouldn’t dare to venture. Watch as “fish race to tiny dancing dry flies with each cast” and enjoy an adventure that all anglers should strive to one day accomplish.

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Video courtesy of California Trout

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