Fly Fishing Destination Video of the Week: FALL RUN

In this week’s Fly Fishing Destination Video of the Week, Todd Moen of Catch Magazine brings us into the backcountry of the Pacific Northwest in pursuit of the fish of a thousand casts: Steelhead.

It’s well known that as an angler, catching steelhead can be one of the most frustrating and challenging endeavors one can take on. Many times, just the process of seeking out the places where Steelhead can be targeted is an emotional and physically demanding task. Add on the trials and tribulations that come with fishing these fickle yet majestic and it becomes easy to understand why these fish are such a coveted catch. Watch as these anglers dance the slippery rocks and cliff sides of narrow rivers and ravines as they battle as a team just to possess a moment with one of these beautiful fish.

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Video courtesy of Catch Magazine.

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