For this Behind the Lens Feature, we had the opportunity to speak with Jako Lucas; founder of Captain Jack Productions, to ask him some questions about his recent film “Relentless Pursuit.” Jako spent the majority of 2019 traveling over 125,000 miles and exploring places like the corners of Cameroon, the Amazon rainforest and many places in-between. This film aims to show people exactly what they want to see; exciting footage of exotic fish from around the globe eating flies.

Flylords:  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself personally, and Captain Jack Productions?

Jako: For me, it’s all about a passion for the outdoors, fly fishing, and creating content.  Captain Jack Productions has nothing but good intentions and wants to show the world how people can accomplish the things they dream about. I worked my way from the bottom, and I want to showcase for everybody that if I can go out and do these things, anybody can.

Flylords:  Why did you call this short film “Relentless Pursuit?”

Jako: Relentless pursuit sort of defines how I live my life. It’s never enough. I just have to always push the boundaries for the next fish. Every experience you have happens once. You can catch seven fish of the same species, and every single one of them will be different. That’s why for me it’s almost an addiction. I want to capture as many of these different moments as possible and share them with people.

Flylords:  How many different species of fish are shown in the film?

Jako: There are probably around 10 different species showcased.  There are some big tarpon, big arapaima, a little bit of everything. It was filmed in 6 different locations; including Guyana, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Brazil, Seychelles, and the US.

Flylords: What was traveling to these remote locations like?

Jako: Exotic trips always have some sort of hectic travel involved. I’ve been doing this for such a long time in my life I’ve almost been getting used to it, but last year I had two of the worst flight experiences of my life. The worst one was a flight in Costa Rica where we were traveling a short distance between San Jose to our lodge. We hit some sort of air pocket, and the pilot lost control of the plane for a few seconds. The plane dropped so fast we were all white-knuckling, and now I have flight anxiety because of it. I feel like some of those bush pilots really push the boundaries of what those small planes are meant to do.

Flylords: Does Captain Jack Productions have anything special planned for 2020?

Jako: I’ve got a new exploration trip to Sudan coming up very soon.  We’re also planning a two week trip to Brazil to hopefully shoot some more big arapaima, and then a trip to chase payara as well! I’m also currently working on a movie about Jacks.  I want to show American people how cool of a fish they are. People tend to focus on GTs and view Jacks as trash fish. The more I guide on the Texas coast I realize that these fish should be appreciated and that people along the coast don’t understand they’ve got something super incredible right on their doorstep.  So yeah, there’s a lot in the works. 2020 should be an exciting year.

Captain Jack Productions has been creating fly fishing films since 2009 and specializes in pure fish porn.  Check out more of Jako’s work on his website: www.captjackproductions.com and follow him on Instagram @captjackproductions keep up with his current and future projects

Also, follow along with the film tour @flyfishingfilmtour to see where they will be next!

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This article was written by Ameen Hosain; content creator and fly fishing guide based out of Boulder, CO. Follow him on instagram @thefishboulder


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