Photographer Spotlight: Dane Ulsifer

Flylords: Who is Dane Ulsifer?
Dane: I am a 26-year-old commercial photographer/videographer from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

$25 Underwater Housing

Flylords: How long have you been fly fishing for?
Dane: I started around the end of high school so about 9 years.

Releasing the Beast

Flylords: How long have you been shooting photos for?
Dane: Pretty close to the same, I got my first camera when I was 16 and just started shooting skiing, snowboarding, and fishing with friends. That led to 4 years of art school and eventually I was able to turn it into a career. So short answer about 10 years.

Morning Glory

Flylords: What makes shooting fish photos so intriguing?
Dane: I like shooting trout because even the same species can look so different from fish to fish. But I like shooting fly fishing in general because it can be so many different styles or genres of photography on the same day, whether its landscape, product, action, wildlife, lifestyle. There’s a lot more to it than just catching fish and I think that’s what keeps me interested.

Foam Season

Flylords: What is your ideal run-and-gun camera setup?
Dane: I shoot on a Sony A7 RII but my favorite lens is definitely the 24-70mm f/2.8, just because it’s so versatile.

Bulls.. eye

Flylords: Do you have a favorite photograph you have taken?
Dane: That’s a tough one, I usually get tired of my photos shortly after I’ve taken them but there are a few that have stuck with me. The one that comes to mind is definitely just because its a frame that I quickly shot and didn’t really expect anything good out of it. Sometimes it’s the unexpected shots that turn out the best.

My partner in crime Zoe, a Bernese Golden Retriever mix

Flylords: Greatest accomplishment as a photographer?
Dane: I would say my favorite moment is still seeing my first photo published in a magazine. I always loved looking through the photos when I was younger and thought it would be awesome to have my name in there one day. I also just really liked seeing it in physical form.

Flylords: Are you currently reading any books? Watching any tv series you would recommend?
Dane: Haha I am currently rewatching Curb Your Enthusiasm and I would highly recommend it. Larry David is the man.

Not a Bad Place to Call Home

Flylords: Would you rather catch the trophy fish, or take a photo of the trophy fish?
Dane: I’d have to say catch it. I love seeing a buddy tie into something too and it’s always nice to have a decent photo, but it’s just not that same. Maybe I’m selfish.

Brown Trout Dane Ulsifer
Brown Trout are the best Trout

Flylords: What is some advice you can give to an aspiring outdoor photographer?
Dane: I guess I would say to just try and shoot differently. There are a ton of amazing images out there these days so I think the more we can try to push different styles, perspectives and techniques the better.

Dane Ulsifer Fargo
Fargo, ND

Flylords: What’s next?
Dane: My plan is to work and save for the next few months so I can take a good chunk of the summer off, do as much fishing as possible, and work on some personal projects. I’ve got a couple ideas for a short film so I’d really like to make that happen.

Dane Ulsifer is an outdoor photographer and videographer located in the American West, be sure to check out the rest of his awesome content on Instagram @daneulsifer or at his website here!

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