Alaskan National Guard Removes Famous Bus from ‘Into the Wild’

The iconic broken down bus, mostly known as the shelter of “Alexander Supertramp”/ Christopher McCandless  an adventurer who’s story (most notably told in the book and film: “Into the Wild”) inspired thousands, has been removed from the Alaskan wilderness. The wilderness known as the Last Frontier draws tourists from all over the globe every year to explore the beauty this land has to offer. ‘Into the Wild’ was written based on the true story of Christopher McCandles who cast away society and his material possessions to seek refuge in the Alaskan bush. McCandles (AKA “Supertramp”) died 114 days later due to starvation induced by food poisoning. The dangers of the unpredictable wilderness are often forgotten about as adventurers seek to find the remote bus themselves as tribute to Chris’ story. Many tourists find themselves venturing to this remote location situated 25 miles from the parks highway, suddenly without cell reception and most commonly caught in inclement and constantly changing weather.

Christopher McCandles sitting against the Bus

Because of the danger that this trek possesses, the Alaska Army National Guard removed the bus and relocated it to an ‘secure location’ for the protection of the people looking to gaze upon this nugget of history. Though many people have ventured to see the bus, not all have returned. Adventure and thrill seekers alike find themselves losing their lives to the ever changing weather or the river rapids as they try to cross. “This is an abandoned and deteriorating vehicle that was requiring dangerous and costly rescue efforts” said Alaska Natural Resources Commissioner Corri Feige.

To read more about the full story from the LA Times, click here

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