FISH OR DIE Premiering Sunday!

FISH OR DIE is back this weekend! And we could be more stoked to tune in and watch our favorite 4 personalities chase fish all over the globe. Set your DVR’s and tune in live at 10 PM ET/PT on Animal Planet!

From Animal Planet:

“For some, fishing is a relaxing solitary experience, but for extreme fishermen and best buddies Chris Owens, Brian Jill, Thad Robison, and Jay Johnson, it’s a passion that drives them to explore some of the most remote and dangerous destinations on the planet in the hopes of finding fish where no one has ever fished before. From glacial streams in Greenland to raging rapids in Borneo, this team of adventurers travel the globe to chase rumors of giant fish in untouched waters. They are not survival experts, but these close friends are determined to work together and boldly follow their dreams to be the very first to fish some of the most uncharted waters left on Earth! FISH OR DIE premieres Sunday, April 21 at 10 PM ET/ PT on Animal Planet. 

In this largely self-shot series, Animal Planet audiences will trek beside this fearless and dynamic foursome as they journey through remote regions, meeting and befriending locals, and trailing some of the most remarkable, elusive fish in the world. Chris is the king of chaos on all expeditions; he fearlessly rallies the group during their expedition while Brian, a boat captain with nerves of steel, keeps the group on track towards their goal. Thad, the cautious family man of the group aims to make safety their #1 priority, while Jay, the wild-child of the group keeps everyone’s spirits high no matter what comes their way. In the end, these four men are bonded by one idea – the only difference between an obstacle and an adventure is your attitude.

Chris Owens, Brian Jay, Thad Robison and Jay Johnson as seen on Fish or Die.

In the premiere episode of FISH OR DIE, rumors of giant golden dorado in an uncharted river in the Bolivian jungle lead the team on a grueling expedition to discover if this fisherman’s dream is a reality. With help from a native tribe, the guys push dugout canoes 60-miles upriver towards the foothills of the Andes, where they battle rain and poisonous insects all in their quest for these golden fish. Throughout the season, the team will travel deep into the heart of Zambia, chasing reports of large tigerfish; across Mongolia in search of Hucho taimen, the largest, most ferocious member of the salmon family; and to Greenland in pursuit of massive Arctic char, among other destinations and fish.

FISH OR DIE is produced for Animal Planet by Warm Springs Productions and Watson Pond Productions. Marc Pierce, Chris Richardson, Nathan Charlan and Vince Cusomato are the executive producers for Warm Springs Productions. Brad Johnson is the executive producer for Watson Pond Productions. For Animal Planet, Patrick Keegan is supervising producer and Meredith Russell serves as coordinating producer.”

Fish Or Die is BACK!

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