Simms Steps Up Amid COVID-19 Shortages

All across the USA, manufacturers are retooling their production facilities to begin producing the essential medical equipment those on the frontlines need to stay safe and healthy while treating COVID-19 patients. The latest entrant into the cause, Simms Fishing.

Simms has partnered with the Bozeman Health Group, to supply much needed medical gowns to the group’s medical professionals treating COVID-19 Patients. According to Fly Fisherman Magazine, Simms identified a breathable fabric from their inventory that matched up with the needs and specifications needed by doctors and nurses. Simms is anticipating an increase in demand for the gowns and is working with the medical group and others, to continue to match their needs.

To read more about Simms Fishing’s COVID-19 impact and efforts, check out this article from Fly Fisherman Magazine!

Other smaller manufacturers have jumped in, 3D printing medical masks and producing other protective gear. Hell, there are even skiers and snowboarders donating their old ski goggles to help protect those in harm’s way. Every day we are humbled and inspired by our fellow Americans’ efforts to give back and push us through these unsettling times.

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