Airflo Redfish Fly Line Review

I recently went down to the Texas coast to get some R&D time on some new Redfish flies we are designing. I got a chance to use a few of Airflo’s newest saltwater fly delivery options while chasing Redfish on the Texas Coast.

The lines I sampled were the Gulf Redfish Taper, The Bonefish Taper, and the 4 Season Sniper with an Intermediate sink tip.

Airflo’s SuperDri Gulf Redfish Fly Line

The Redfish line had awesome power for turning over heavy crabs or larger Crustaceans. If the fish were not spooky it was my go-to. Often our casts were pretty short, and this line was perfect for dropping a shorter cast right where it needed to be.

Airflo’s SuperDri Bonefish Taper Fly Line

The Bonefish line was a better option for spooky fish. The slightly longer head made it perfect for longer casts with lighter a presentation. I would highly recommend having this as a second line on the boat for those days when the fish aren’t playing nice. This would mean you’re likely throwing a lighter and smaller fly as well, which the bonefish line handled perfectly.

Airflo’s Superdri Sniper 4 Season Fly Line

The 4 Season Sniper was the perfect choice for pairing with a heavier baitfish pattern in deeper water. When fishing the cuts and flats drop-offs this line excelled at getting the fly into the zone. It handled the heavier flies with ease and was easy enough to blind cast with.

If you’re not on the flats due to tide changes, weather, or the fish simply aren’t there that day, this would be my go-to line. The ability to target fish in that deeper water may not be the most glorified way of fishing for Reds but it can save the day.

Overall, I loved the variety of these three fly lines from Airflo. They were just what we needed to get the R&D patterns where they were going. If I had to choose one line it would be the Gulf Redfish but I will have them all on deck when I head out again next time. If you’re in the market for a new saltwater line I highly recommend checking these out.

Article from Adam Hudson of Blue Line Co. Check him out on Instagram at @bluelineco_ and online here.

Photos by Bryant Patterson @brpatt.

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