Angler Lands Potential Redfish X Black Drum Hybrid

Hybrid Redfish/Black Drum
Hybrid Redfish/Black Drum

Hybrid – (n) – (reproductive biology) The offspring resulting from the cross between parents of different species or sub-species.

Hybridization is not a completely uncommon occurrence in the wild. In fact, wild Tiger Trout and Tiger Muskie do happen on occasion when the right conditions line up in the sweetwater. However, a hybrid Redfish and Black Drum has only ever been spoken of in hushed tones…until now.

“I caught what will most likely be the craziest fish of my entire life recently. While out fishing with my friend Billy we came across a small school of black drums. He pulled one out of the school and when it was my turn I hooked something that was a little different. Once the fish broke the surface and turn sideways we both knew what we had in our hands. We had a true Black Drum/Redfish hybrid. These have been bred in captivity but have never been documented in the wild before. We were beyond ecstatic to say the least. We released the fish and let FWC know about the capture. The photos are currently under review by the FWC.” – Kieran Hoffman (@KieranHoff)

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