7 Ways to Make the Best of Your Corona Quarantine

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Times are strange… that’s for certain. While this worldwide epidemic continues to unravel, we as global citizens must all do our best to take necessary precautions in order to not endanger those close to us. Young or old, we all feel the effects of the COVID-19 virus and must do our best to keep our heads up during this time of change and uncertainty.

So far, a self-quarantine is the most effective measure one can take in order to reduce their risk of contamination. While some of us may only be a few days into the process, it can feel as if cabin fever has already begun to sink in. However, as we must do in strange times, there are ways to make the best out of our current situation.

Here is our list of 7 Ways to Make the Best of Your Corona Quarantine…

1. Stay Inside: Tie Some Flies

fly tying

Okay, not that you really needed any incentive to do so in the first place, but this quarantine state is the perfect opportunity to start cranking out an industrial amount of flies! Think about it this way, when are you going to have this much free time that you can spend your whole day behind the vice? Think of all the money you’ll save when preparing for your next big fishing trip if you’ve already stockpiled an army of your favorite midge! Not to mention, in times like these, small businesses could use your support. So head on over to your favorite materials site (here’s one we recommend) and begin stocking up. This is one panic buy you don’t have to feel guilty about.

2. Practice Social Distancing: Go Fishing!

wills fishing
Image courtesy of Sue Moodie Photography

Uh…DUH. Us anglers practiced social distancing before it was cool *adjusts beanie and sips $30.00 locally brewed IPA*. If there is anything better than fresh air, warm sun, and tossing a line at your favorite hole, we want to know about it. Not to mention, now you can officially write a day-long excursion as you “doing your part” to prevent the spread of the virus (instead of neglecting all other obligations). So why are you still reading? Grab your rod, your waders, and some flies; and go be a national hero!


3. Drink Up: Alcohol is a Disinfectant…

While the FDA won’t allow us to publish our findings in any scientific journals, we have a good hunch that alcohol kills germs and germs cause disease! So…why not explore a beer you’ve always wanted to try, Ooooor why not explore 5? While we recommend that beer consumption is met with an equivalent amount of physical and mental exercise, that “5-O’clock” rule just doesn’t seem to be hitting as hard nowadays. So, this is your time to hunker down and crack some cans, because hey…it’s science.


4. Support the Economy: Get That Piece of Gear You Always Wanted

We all have that moment where we walk by the fly shop and can SWEAR that we hear a little voice slip out from the door and into our ear canal. “Don’t you need a new rod? All your friends just got one! Buy me, Buy me!”. But no, you’re a responsible consumer (or so you tell yourself). Well, it’s no secret that the economy NEEDS aid now more than ever, and as a member of the fly fishing community, it’s your responsibility to break out the AED and aid in bringing it back to life. If the world’s ending (let’s hope it’s not), we assure you that you won’t look back and thank yourself you didn’t get that rod, reel, or pack. So, why not do your part, and after the groceries are bought and the rent is paid, see if you can find some room for that shiny new piece of bling. After all, it’s an investment.


5. Stimulate Your Mind: Sit Back With A Great Book 

A stack of fly fishing books on a wooden table

When your thumb finally grows tired from scrolling through the same social feed for the 67th time, it’s time to set down the phone and retreat back to one of the origins of fly fishing’s rise to recognition; Literature. Whether it’s John Gierach, Norman Maclean, Joe Humphreys, Jeremy Paxman, etc., there is an unlimited amount of brilliant works highlighting anything and everything fly fishing related that are available for public consumption. Can’t make it to your local library or bookstore? Good thing E-books make fly fishing novels easier to access than ever before. So, Light a fire, pour a glass of your best scotch, and dive deep into the pages of a good read that is sure to leave an impression far greater than your favorite influencer’s most recent grip and grin post. Here is a list of some of our favorites.


6. Turn Down the Lights: It’s Movie Time 

So maybe books aren’t your thing, that’s fine. Maybe you have that one (or one hundred) fly fishing films you’ve been dying to watch, but haven’t had the time to sit down for yet. Well, guess what, now’s your chance! With thousands of expertly produced fly fishing films available on all platforms and streaming services, your ticket to anywhere from the backwoods of Canada to the flats or Belize is just a click away. Here is a film our friend Rolph Nylinder recently released that we highly recommend, and for more great movie recommendations, click here!


7. Practice Your Swing: Break out the Hoolahoop

If you’re a basketball player, you practice your shot. If you’re a golfer, you practice your swing. So, as an angler, why on earth would you not practice your casts? All too often we deal with the being on the river and having to argue with a nagging uncertainty as to whether or not you can nail that perfect cast necessary to catching that trophy fish? Professional athletes don’t use game time to practice, so why should you? A great exercise we recommend (and a killer way to pass the time), is to take a fly that you have plenty of, snip off the hook, and head to your back yard for some good ol’ fashion target practice. If you’re really looking to up your game, break out some tires or Hoola hoops to aim for. While you may not be fly fishing legend Joe Humphreys after your first hour, you sure as hell will be entertained.

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