Fishing Tips: How To Pack Your Cooler

So you’ve invested in a top-notch cooler, but you’re still not getting the results you were looking for … Here are 12 tips that will help you keep your food, beverages, and ice cool longer.

1) Pre-cool the Cooler

Pre-cool your cooler by bringing it inside before your adventure. Make sure to open the lid so that the inside of the cooler can reach room temperature. Even better, make the inside of the cooler even colder by pre-cooling it with frozen items.

2) Use Block Ice

Line the bottom of your cooler with block ice or reusable ice substitutes like Yeti Ice. Make sure to put a barrier between block ice and food items because the block ice is so cold that it will freeze the food. This can be achieved by using a foam mat or towel.

3) First Food Is Frozen Food

After laying down a cold layer, the first items should be frozen items. Since they are frozen they are best situated closest to the block ice (the coldest part of the cooler).

4) Pack As Tight As Possible

The goal is to eliminate any empty space in the cooler. Cubed ice is perfect for filling in gaps between items. Remember, empty space is the enemy.

5) Use Resealable Containers

Resealable containers make it much easier to repack items in the cooler without making a mess.

6) Produce on Top

Non-frozen produce should live at the top of your cooler. You can keep loose produce and other items in a crate so they can stay together. The Yeti Tundra Basket is the perfect tool for the job.

7) Use a Foam Pad

If you want to really lock in the cold, add a foam pad as the finishing layer before closing the cooler. The pad will take up any additional air space left, and will provide enhanced insulation.

8) Close Tightly and Close The Nozzle

always make sure the lid of the cooler is completely shut. This is especially important when you’re stacking it high and it becomes difficult to close the cooler all the way. Additionally, make sure the nozzles are all closed.

9) Have a Separate Cooler For Drinks

Since the drink cooler is opened the most frequently, and consistently being exposed to warm air, the ice will melt more quickly. If you want to maintain a cold cooler make sure the drinks are stashed elsewhere.

10) Drain or Don’t Drain the Ice Water?

Melted ice water is colder than the air you introduce by draining it, so the popular opinion is to keep the water in the cooler. However, if you have items that you don’t want to get soggy, it may be best to drain it in that scenario.

11) Keep It In The Shade

Keeping the cooler out of direct sunlight and hot vehicles will extend the life of the ice and the contents inside. This may be hard to achieve if you’re in an exposed area like a boat, but even throwing a towel over the cooler will go a long way.

12) Stay Organized

Depending on the trip and the number of items you’re bringing, you may organize your cooler differently. For example, if you have a larger cooler and you’re packing for multiple days, you might split your cooler up into multiple different columns for each day. Or, you could organize it by different meals. One way to improve your organization is to use an actual barrier like the Yeti Tundra Dividers.

These are 12 tips that will help you keep your food, beverages, and ice cool longer. If you have any tips that we missed write them in the comments below. Stay tuned for more Fishing Tips.

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