5 Easy Lunches While Wading

Whether you’re the type of person to squish a sandwich into your wader pocket and save it for later or the person that will starve themselves till they get back to the car. We’ve all got our own routines. Including what we make for a quick lunch on the water. In this article, I’ll list a few recipes and ideas that could save you from being that maniac that eats that 4-year-old Cliff bar stuffed in the back of your seat at the end of the day.

We will start with a classic,

1.  PB&J

The most simple of them all unless you’re purely a PB person or just a Jelly person.

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Heres a couple of easy hacks to make a better PB& J:

  • Toast the bread on a Bagel setting so one side is crunchier
  • Spread Peanut Butter on both slices so the jelly doesn’t leak through the bread
  • Use a chunky Jelly like a preservative so it doesn’t leak as easy
  • Wrap in foil so it doesn’t compress as much on the sandwich and won’t be sticky inside your Waders.

2. The Ham & Cheese.

The most universal sandwich of all time

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Now I know you don’t need instructions to make a ham sandwich, but below are a few ideas that could make that boring sandwich a little more exciting.

  • Now some people are purists; ham, cheese, mustard, and mayo is all they need. But I found that some fresh lettuce, red onion, and sturdier bread makes all the difference.
  • If you like spice, some brown mustard or whole grain mustard does the trick
  • Use thicker slices of ham and thinner slices of cheese.
  • For hiking and wading purposes stay away from tomatoes because they make everything soggy.

With these base ingredients, the ham is interchangeable with whatever deli meat you prefer.

3. The WRAP.

Now, the next thing that I found is way more portable and less messy than a sandwich…

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  • I use all the same ingredients in my wraps that I use in sandwiches the only thing that changes is the tortilla.
  • Wrap it like a burrito, cut it diagonal, put them in a Ziploc, then throw it in a wader pocket.
  • They tend to be way less messy and don’t slide and fall apart as most sandwiches do when you’re walking through the river.

4. The Outlier: TUNA PACKS.

Following the easy to make options, this one may seem a little unnecessary but I think it’s one of the easiest yet nutritional options.

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  • I’ve used these for the past couple of years while Backpacking and they are game-changing! They are extremely light, no mess, and are actually really delicious!
  • Now, I’ve stuck to a couple of key flavors such as Lemon Pepper, Ranch, and the Herb & Garlic.
  • I’ve even brought crackers along and its really, really enjoyable. Whether you’re in a pinch for lunch and need something quick, or need something super portable this is an awesome option!

5. The underappreciated: Trail Mix and Beef Jerky Combo.

Each is to one’s own, whether your a fish jerky guy, make your own trail mix & jerky, or you purely just eat the M & M’s from the trail mix they are easy to transport and acquire.


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Image Courtesy Peoples Choice Beef Jerky
  • I typically rip the jerky into smaller pieces and throw it into the trail mix creating the ultimate sweet, salty, spicy combo.
  • It’s potentially not as messy as the above options just make sure not to rip your Ziploc…

So, if your the person that buys a foot long from Subway and stuffs that meatball marinara into your pack, the person that thinks a cold Egg Mcmuffin is a 5-star meal at the end of the day, or the Tupperware king, bringing leftovers from the night before. Hopefully, these ideas offered some insight and will save you from eating cheesy jalapeno tornadoes from a truck stop on the way home.  Unless that’s your thing.

As a wade fisherman, I thought I’d bring this meme back so it can relive some glory.

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