Season Finale of MeatEater’s Das Boat Premieres

“Das Boat” sounds like one of the craziest concepts for a fishing show we have ever heard of. The MeatEater crew boat a 30-year-old boat in Texas and are taking it on the road. The plan: Give 10 anglers one day to modify the craft as they see fit, and take it out on the water for some fishy shenanigans.

Das Boat Episode 6: Frank and Rob Are Back on the Savannah River

“Long river trips can take us deep into some wild places aboard a vessel that will carry far more than the basic necessities. In the season finale of Das Boat, Mustache Rob and Frank are back on the Savannah River in Georgia, headed more than 50 miles downstream into water that neither of them have ever seen before. It’s an exploratory mission, of sorts, though the Savannah is far from wilderness, and Rob and Frank’s journey is more National Lampoon than Heart of Darkness. At the terminus of their trip waits Wade Plantation and some heaping platefuls of southern hospitality. All Rob and Frank have to do is bring some catfish for the table and safely pilot Das Boat downstream.”

Episode 5: Frank Smethurst and Mustache Rob Hit Up the Savannah River in August, Georgia

“In this episode of Das Boat, Frank Smethurst and his old friend Mustache Rob circle back to some of their old favorite stomping grounds on the Savannah River in Augusta, Georgia. They catch some of the many native sport fish in this archetypical southern river and set their sights on the east coast’s most sought after migratory game fish—stripers. Along the way, Das Boat gets a major upgrade, and they discuss the Georgia-South Carolina rivalry, southern roots, Bartram’s Bass, and the intertwined history of Augusta and the Savannah River.”

Episode 4: April Vokey and Oliver Ngy Tackle a Notoriously Complex Bass Fishery in Florida

“Lake Okeechobee—Florida’s inland sea of freshwater, grass, and largemouth bass. This week, Das Boat dives deep into Florida’s watery heart with a Candian and a Californian. The host of our own Anchored podcast, April Vokey, meets up with big bass expert Oliver Ngy and they try to figure out.”

Episode 3: Ryan Callaghan and Ed Anderson Go Looking for Snook and Tarpon

“The boat gets a poling platform for the latest episode of Das Boat from MeatEater. Join Ryan Callaghan and Ed Anderson as they hunt Snook and Tarpon along the coast of Florida!”

Episode 2: Alvin Dedeaux and Jesse Griffiths Target Guadalupe Bass

“Episode 2 features our good friend Alvin Dedeaux and Jesse Griffiths as they kit out Das Boat with accessories and modifications they need to use it to chase the Texas State Fish, the Guadalupe Bass!”

Episode 1: Steve Rinella and JT Van Zandt Chase TX Redfish

The first episode, which premiered today (Aug. 15) features Steve Rinella and JT Van Zandt chasing Redfish along the Texas coast. Recently highlights Costa Guide, Alvin Dedeaux, is also making an appearance in an upcoming episode and we cannot wait to see what unfolds!

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