Yeti Releases New Coral Collection with Seychelles Video

From Yeti:

The Seychelles is a far-flung mecca patched together with endless stretches of crystal-clear water and healthy sea life. Twice a day, the sky transforms into a bold mixture of orange, yellow, pink, and red to signal the arrival and departure of an adventure-packed day. The new Coral Collection is inspired by these unmatched sunrises and good livin’ on the coast.”

In a beautiful new video narrated by JT Van Zandt, host of Yeti’s Drifting Podcast, Yeti has released their newest color collection of bulletproof drinkware, coolers, and gear. The Yeti crew set out on another adventure to the turquoise waters of Alphonse Fishing Company’s trademark GT atolls. Watch and listen as JT beautifully explains the inspiration behind the new collection’s namesake hue, and witness some incredible GT action!

Check out the entire Yeti Coral Collection, here.

Subscribe to the Yeti Youtube Channel, here.

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