Epic GT Eat Caught on Camera

Brad Hyman

This video was during my last season guiding at St. Brandon’s in 2013. In those days it was a privilege to be able to fish as a guide, and so when you get an opportunity you always tried to made the most of it. St. Brandon’s is about 52km long, so instead of heading to the usual spots, myself and fellow guide Matthieu Cosson went and explored sections of that atoll that normally didn’t get fished.

It was simple, cast one, film one. Mattieu had just had his hand pounded by the reel handle and I was up next. I think everything was textbook. Spot the fish, cast, strip, set the hook, clear the line, crank the drag. I’m sure every fisherman has zoned out on a fish, allowed instinct to take over and allow things to happen naturally. The cool thing is that you actually don’t realize what you’re doing when you’re doing it, so its super rad to have that captured on film.

That season was insane for the guides on many levels, Timothy Babich rounding up permit, Christiaan Pretorius landing a beast GT (around 130cm I think)  and myself filming an underwater GT eat. St. Brandon’s is an incredible fishery and should be high on the bucket list.

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