You Can Win Lil Yachty’s Signed Waders

It’s always a surprise when we see fly fishing gear appear in pop culture. The latest occurrence popped up on our feed as a sponsored ad from the website Grailed, an online second-hand shop for high-end streetwear and fashion. The ad was for the site’s “Yacht Week” giveaway, featuring memorabilia from Lil Yachty’s career. While we weren’t interested in the other gear in the giveaway, one item did catch our eye: a pair of Frog Togg waders signed by the artist.

Apparently, Lil Yachty sported the Frog Togg waders on the cover of his album Nuthin’ 2 Prove. On the cover, Lil Yachty is seen sporting the breathable waders while riding on a sailboat, not necessarily the smartest place to be wearing waders that could pull you under the surface if you fell overboard.

Neither the album or the shoot involved any sort of fly fishing, that we know of, but we’ve been fascinated with how fishing gear has been having a bit of a moment in fashion and pop culture as of late. So if you want to really flex on your fly fishing buddies while rocking waders worn by a platinum album producing artist, now is your chance! You can enter the giveaway, here.

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