Is Fly Fishing a Fashion Trend?

Fly fishing is having a little moment in streetwear right now. Sam Schube, a GQ writer, highlighted fly fishing’s influence on streetwear, focusing on a small company in Japan, South2 West8, making some of the craziest looking gear we have seen. Designed to perform as well as it stands out, we are interested in how far this trend will go. You may recognize some of their gear from GQ‘s video featuring Zach Woods trying to survive in the wild.

Zach Woods in full South2 West8 for GQ Magazine

South2 West8 isn’t just a brand trying to sell cool looking gear, they are anglers themselves. In one of the brands latest videos, they head out on streams near Hokkaido, Japan on the hunt for trout on their Tenkara rods.

Read the GQ Article, here.

Check out South2 West8 site and see some of the insane gear their team has created.

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