Featured image by Daniel Jackson for Vogue Magazine

In early September, fly fishing guide Mikey Hempkins, photographer Daniel Jackson and Hailey Bieber, headed out to a private ranch to capture some Fall outfit inspirations. One image they captured featured the super-model donning a $2,130 Prada jacket and a set of rubber hip waders that look like they came straight out of the 1960s.

Just when you thought regular fly fishing apparel and gear was getting expensive, more and more high-fashion brands and design houses are putting out angling inspired products. 

Image by Daniel Jackson for Vogue Magazine

The funniest aspect of this image to us, here at Flylords, is how impractical Hailey’s outfit seems to be for any sort of fly fishing adventure. First, the sleeves of that jacket are way too short to block any sort of precipitation. Secondly, we can’t imagine wearing rubber hip waders with shorts on can be comfortable while fishing in the late fall.

We caught up with guide Mikey Hempkins of Worldcast Anglers (pictured behind Hailey Bieber in the image above), who accompanied the shoot on the water. He said the fishing part of the shoot was uneventful, but we certainly hope Hailey got a chance to test out that rod against a feisty trout!

Source: Vogue.com

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