Wild Steelhead Coalition Launches “The Adipose Podcast”

Our friends at the Wild Steelhead Coalition have jumped into the podcast game, and we are stoked to see them entering the space. Wild steelhead need as much conservation attention and support as they can get while their number continue to dwindle. We hope that the passion communicated in the podcast will catch on with more anglers and conservationists as the fight to save wild steelhead continues along the Pacific Coast.

From Wild Steelhead Coalition:

In the 21st Century, a steelheader must be an angler, conservationist, and advocate. The Adipose is a place for the important, authentic conversations that educate and inspire anglers, members of the public, and the fishing industry to take action on behalf of wild steelhead and their home waters. Join us as we share the stories of the passionate community of steelheaders fighting to help ensure these incredible fish thrive long into the future.

Listen to the debut episode, “Firsts and Lasts,” here!

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