#FliesForFarms – Rebuilding the Community of Gales Point, Belize

Fly Tyers and Artists Rally to Build Farm and Community Center for Belizian Community

Garrison Doctor Flies For Farms

In the past year, the fly fishing community has become a powerhouse of altruism, banding together to support fishing communities impacted by natural disasters and poverty. #DozenForDorian and #DozenForDownUnder trended raising funds for Bahamians and Australians affected by Hurricane Dorian and the wildfires that ravaged Australia. In his latest fundraising push, #FliesForFarms, Josh Mills, and the Fly Fishing Collaborative are working together with fly tyers and artists to raise $15,000 for the residents of Gales Point, Belize. We had a chance to sit down with Josh to learn more about the impactful campaign and how you can get involved!


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Flylords: Tell us a little bit about the people of Gales Point and the projects #FliesForFarms will be supporting?

Josh: Gales Point, BZ is a small community in Central Belize, founded in the 1800s as a refuge for escaped slaves from colonial America. Its population base is shrinking as a lack of opportunity has plagued the residents. It once had a population of around 500 but is now less than 300.  In coordination with Fly Fishing Collaborative, we’re seeking to raise $15,000 to assist in rebuilding their community center, install an aquaponics farm, and provide and assist with job training for fishing guides. The Fly Fishing Collaborative has installed many of these farms around the world in places that really need help, and effectively are feeding hundreds of children and community members through the gardens and fish that the aquaponics farms produce. I am honored to help in the effort to provide funding for this amazing goal.


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Flylords: This isn’t your first successful fundraising campaign supporting fishing communities around the globe, did you have any idea the concept would take off as it has?

Josh: The first campaign was a revelation to me and everyone involved. It was about the fly fishing and outdoor community rallying around the Bahamas in a critical time. There wasn’t much I had to do but coordinate the amazing response from around the country and internationally. We all have a shared passion for fishing and I believe that in most people’s hearts they want to help and give. Dozen For Dorian and Dozen for DownUnder were just the conduits to do that.


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Flylords: How many tyers have gotten involved, what other items are up for auction?

Josh: So far we have around 20 or so pledged offerings in #fliesforfarms, ranging from flies to art, to guided trips. There are another 20 or so coming online soon and I expect that number to grow in the coming weeks.


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Flylords: If auctions are still ongoing, where can people bid?

Josh: The auctions are still rolling as long as new items are put up.  Past campaigns kept going because the donation train just didn’t slow down!  This is primarily an Instagram driven promotion, so the easiest way to find all the offerings is to search #FliesForFarms on Instagram and you will be directed to all that is up for bid. 


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Flylords: How much have you raised so far? What is the fundraising goal?

Josh: We have just passed the $6000 mark in just over 3 days with a goal of $15000.  I am super excited to drive past that goal as soon as possible. 

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