In this week, Video of the Week we catch back up with Wild Fly Productions, Paco, & Shane from Due South Outfitters on their mission to fish new water in and around the Boone area. On the first day, the boys hike up new drainage in search of some bigger fish. After quite a successful mission, the boys shift their focus the next day onto a smaller river in search of some fish willing to look up. From climbing waterfalls to catching gorgeous wild Browns in small water Scottie and the boys encapsulate the beauty that is intertwined with Appalachian trout streams.

Sit down and enjoy another epic video from Scottie and don’t forget to check out these awesome articles as well.

Video of the Week: Wild Fly Productions and Fly Fishing for Giant Smallmouth

Throwback Video of the Week: Tight Loops “Northern Exposure”

Video of the Week: Wild Fly Productions Appalachian Backcountry Adventure

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