In this week’s episode of Video of the week, we catch up with Wild Fly Productions, CJ Lord, and Nick Wittek in their attempt to fish new water for big fish amidst the spring runoff. It’s spring and as we all know weather tends to have a mind of its own. Rain can turn into a bluebird day and vice versa. Well, the boys had planned for rain but not nearly as much as they got. Their plan was to float a stretch of river and throw streamers but due to the rain, the river was blown out. So they made an audible and checked a tributary off of that river. So sit down and enjoy as the guys fish new water for new fish in hopes of getting into a giant!

Scottie also did a podcast with CJ talking about fish photography and targeting fish with Streamers. CJ has been primarily fishing streamers for quite a while and has developed a vast knowledge of how to fish them. Check out the podcast here:


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