Peter Moyle Named Fly Fisherman Magazine’s Conservationist of the Year

Featured image: John Sherman for Fly Fisherman Magazine

Peter Moyle is a very well known name in conservation circles, especially when speaking about cold water conservation efforts in the PNW and California regions. His work on the McCloud River was paramount in the battle to implement catch-and-release regulations on the river. His work has paid dividends as the McCloud is now one of California’s preeminent trout destinations.

Moyle is also celebrated for his use of the Endangered Species act to create protections for California’s coho salmon population

According to Fly Fisherman Magazine, the “Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology at the University of California at Davis, and his forward-thinking, hands-on approach to science and conservation has touched nearly every stream in California.”

Read more about Peter’s nomination and view an incredible gallery of his conservation work, in Fly Fisherman Magazine’s official announcement, here!

Source: Fly Fisherman Magazine

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