As a trout bum and fly fishing addict at heart, I spend a good amount of time exploring the internet trying to find my daily dose of fly fishing porn. Like most would say, I do not spend near enough time on the water as I would like to. However, the rise of digital platforms social media has allowed for me, as well as many others, to enjoy the stories and camaraderie of other fly fishermen across the world. I decided to put together a list of my top five fly fishing videos and films in the hopes that others will find these videos exciting and informative.

5. Back Country North Island – Fly Fishing New Zealand

By Gin Clear Media

This video follows 7 different fly fisherman across the north island of New Zealand as the fish the back country. With gin clear streams holding large trout, it is apparent New Zealand is a trout fisherman’s paradise.

4. Stripped Down – The Brown Trout Project

By Jensen Fly Fishing

For the last 13 years, the Jensen’s have fished for brown trout, while learning about their behavioral tendencies. This project, complete with 8 episodes, tells their tale. Even the most experienced fly fisherman can learn something from this complete series!

3. Providence

By Confluence Films

In the fifth film from Confluence Media, follow Camille EgdorfGerhard Laubscher, and Tim Babich as they travel to the Seychelles to fish Providence Island. The area had previously been closed to fisherman due to the Somalian pirates. However, when the fishing ban lifted, the crew raced there to capture some of the most gnarly, salt water footage I have ever seen!

2. Eastern Rises

By Felt Soul Media

The far eastern peninsula of Kamchatka might as well be the end of the earth. Ben Knight and the Felt Soul Media crew decided to explore the land of the unknown. For guys like Frank Smethurst, this was a dream come true. Watch as these guys avoid bears, deal with crazy Russians, and catch really, really big trout on mice flies that look like fur balls a cat coughed up.

1. Modern Nymphing

By Capture Adventure Media

European style nymphing has taken the fly fishing world by storm due to its effectiveness and practicality. Someone recommended this video to me because I had been struggling during my last couple of trips to Colorado. After watching the video, I was sold on European style nymphing and decided to give it a try. This video gave me all the tools I needed to be successful when starting this new technique. Even if you are not euro-nymphing, this video give you insights into how to step up your nymphing game. Whether it’s how to more effectively approach different types of water, analyzing feeding patterns of trout, or improving your fly selections, this video has it all.

Tanner Poeschel, The Taylor River Trout Bum, is a creative content intern and ambassador for The Fly Lords. Tanner has grown up fly fishing in Texas and Colorado, specifically on the Taylor and Gunnison Rivers. He soon after started working in the fly shop at Backwoods in Fort Worth, Texas. Since then, he founded Mizzou’s first fly fishing club as part of the Trout Unlimited and Costa 5 Rivers Program. For more of his work, check out his websiteFacebook, or Instagram.

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