What is the Bounce Rig and How is it Fished?

The Bounce Rig is a nymphing technique that differs slightly from your typical indicator suspension rig. Often times, fish are glued to the bottom of the river or located in areas where euro-nymphing may not be the most effective approach. That is where the bounce rig comes into effect. This tactic is basically euro nymphing with an indicator and is a great option for those looking for versatility when nymph fishing. In this tips and tricks video of the week, Fly Fish Food demonstrates how to effectively fish the bounce nymphing rig.

How to Set Up the Bounce Rig:

  • Setting up the leader can vary. You can start with your typical tapered leader which will work fine or you can create a leader using leader material of different sizes and pounds.
  • Set up your leader just like you always would by attaching two flies to the end.
  • The kicker with this rig is that the indicator will be significantly higher than your normal suspension rig.
  • Along with your flies, you will want to attach split shot to create extra weight giving your flies the chance to “bounce” along the bottom.
  • It is very important to watch your indicator as the weighted flies will cause it to “bounce” on the surface as the flies drag along the bottom. Hence the name of this rig.

Tips for Using the Bounce Rig:

  • This is not a rig that you want to false cast with as it will surely result in a tangled mess.
  • You will want to use the water load casting technique. Allow your line to move with the current to “load up” and then in one motion, cast upstream with your rod.
  • Using a 10 foot rod is key as it will give you more control over your flies and the direction of your cast.
  • Remember to always set the hook down stream to increase the likelihood of success.

Versatility on the water is crucial if last minute changes are necessary depending on the conditions. Having the ability to use the bounce rig when needed is a gamechanger and should be in every fly fisherman’s arsenal. Don’t be afraid to spice it up and throw on an indicator, it might just lead to a stellar day on the river.

For more tips and tricks, check out Fly Fish Food by clicking here.

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