How to Rig a Dry Dropper Set Up for Beginners

The sport of fly fishing has grown into a widespread community filtering throughout the US and worldwide. With that, we are seeing more and more anglers converting to fly fishing to learn more about specific tactics while getting a feel for using a fly rod. The name of the game in fly fishing is versatility. Having options while on the water is one of the most important tactics to remember when first starting into fly fishing. An outstanding tactic to cover multiple areas of a water column would be to run a dry-dropper rig or sometimes called a “hopper-dropper” rig. Essentially this rig allows anglers to run a dry fly on top trying to entice any willing risers or sippers, while also covering subsurface water columns by running a weighted nymph off of the dry fly set up. As mentioned previously, this gives trout an option which leads back to the ever-so important tactic, versatility. In this tips and tricks video of the week, Courtney Despos of Trouts Fly Fishing explains how to set up a dry dropper rig.

How to Set Up a Dry Dropper Rig:

  1. Start by selecting a larger dry fly capable of sustaining a heavier nymph dropped off the bottom of it.
  2. Using a clinch knot, tie your dry fly onto your leader.
  3. Off of the bend of your dry fly hook, attach a piece of tippet with a clinch knot ranging in size from 18-24 inches. It is very important to make sure your tippet is the same diameter or smaller than your leader to ensure a smooth roll over when casting as well as preventing trout from spooking.
  4. After your tippet is added to the bend of your dry fly hook, attach a weighted nymph of your choice to the dropper end of the tippet using a clinch knot.
  5. Lastly, make sure your knots are seated tightly and all of your tag ends are snipped flush.

Running a dry dropper from early spring to late summer has been proven effective for trout fishing. Using a larger dry fly can also act as a functional indicator signifying a take of your subsurface nymph. If your goal in the fly fishing realm is to become more versatile in your tactics, the dry dropper rig is perfect for you. Its proven success time and time again is well worth it on any trout stream or river you may be tackling. Now its time to rig up and hit the water! Tight lines!

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